LunaFi/ Housebets has joined

LunaFi/ Housebets has joined

We have recently joined!

What is

Zealy is a platform where users can join a community and earn rewards for undertaking certain tasks (quests).

How to join Zealy

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Create an Account” in the top right corner
  3. You can join with either your Discord or Wallet (recommended option)
  4. Search LunaFi/ community
  5. On the profile click on the three dots next to “Invite Frends” and click “Join Community”


The quest board is an interactive platform where users can undertake various tasks and earn XP (Experience Points) in return. However, some quests may be locked until the user has completed previous tasks. The XP earned for each quest depends on its difficulty level and users have 10 seconds after completing the quest to claim XP.

Users can accumulate XP and compete on the Sprint Quest leaderboard of the community they are a part of. The placement on the leaderboard at the end of the sprint quest determines the prize that the user can receive, based on the reward terms. These prizes can range from airdrops of tokens to NFTs.

LunaFi/ community

Our community quests are designed to be quick and easy to complete, allowing you to earn rewards without taking up too much of your time. To make the most of our Twitter quests, we recommend connecting your Twitter account to in order to complete these tasks in just one click. By completing some quests, you can earn both LFI tokens and XP. For instance, in the quest shown in the screenshot below, users have the opportunity to earn LFI rewards for every impression your Twitter post receives and XP

Sprint Quest: The LunaFi/ community sprint quest has already started and will finish in exactly a month's time (19/04/23). Those who have completed and accumulated the most XP in that time are subject to an airdrop of $LFI.

Leaderboard Positions

1st place = 1250$ in LFI tokens

2nd place = 750$ in LFI tokens

3rd place = 500$ in LFI tokens

Join our community today on Zealy and start accumulating XP to enjoy a handful of rewards!