LunaFi Run-Through

LunaFi Run-Through

Deposit in our House Pools here

When users wish to deposit into a House Pool, they can simply click on the 'Deposit' button next to the desired token. Upon accessing the initial deposit page, users are presented with a comprehensive overview of the pool's details. This includes the Total Value Locked (TVL), providing an indication of the pool's overall holdings. Additionally, users can view the expected value on unsettled bets and the maximum exposure, which represents the potential loss the pool may face in the worst-case scenario.Located on the right side of the page, users can effortlessly deposit tokens into the pool or choose to withdraw them. However, before proceeding, users are required to accept the terms and conditions and connect their wallet for authorization. In situations where Housebets experiences a significant number of pending bets, certain measures are implemented to discourage users from withdrawing funds from the pools. As an incentive to remain invested, users who decide to exit the pool will forfeit any positive Expected Value (EV) compared to the positive EV derived from their total locked value. This information is displayed as a figure next to the 'Expected Value Lost,' serving as a representation of the potential loss upon withdrawal.

Farm LFI/ETH here

Our platform offers a dedicated page where users can engage in yield farming by providing liquidity to the ETH/WETH liquidity pool on Quickswaps. By participating in this process, users have the opportunity to earn rewards in the form of LFI tokens, which are distributed based on the share of the pool that each user owns. This ownership is represented by Pool tokens. When users intend to withdraw or add liquidity to this specific pool, they will be seamlessly directed to the Quickswaps page. On this page, any tokens contributed to the protocol are automatically divided in a 50/50 ratio, with an equal distribution between LFI and ETH. In exchange for this contribution, users are issued LFIWETH tokens, which symbolize their proportionate stake in the pool.

Stake here

This page serves as a dedicated platform for LFI holders who wish to stake their LFI tokens in the Safety Module. By doing so, they contribute to enhancing the security of the protocol while earning Safety Incentives as rewards. In the event of a shortfall, a portion of up to 30% of the stake can be slashed to cover the deficit, providing an additional layer of protection for the protocol. Furthermore, when users provide liquidity to an LFI house pool, they automatically stake their tokens into the Safety Module. As a result, they are rewarded with vLFI tokens, which not only serve as the platform's governance token but also represent their stake in the LFI pool and the DAO governance. It is worth noting that rewards are typically higher for providing liquidity to this specific pool. The process itself functions similarly to depositing LFI tokens into the LFI house pool.


Housebets stands as the first decentralized betting application built on LunaFi. To begin your betting journey, simply navigate to the top right corner of the page to connect your wallet, accept the terms and conditions, and create a profile. This step will grant you access to a wide range of features. On this page, you'll find a live chat feature that enables users to engage and communicate with other players. Additionally, there's a dedicated live support option available, allowing users to chat with a team member for any inquiries they may have. Located in the top left corner of the page, you'll find the option to bet on either the Sportsbook or the Casino, offering a variety of thrilling betting opportunities. As you continue to scroll down the sidebar, you'll discover additional information on referral links, the Housebets blog, bet mining, and the 'Race to Mars' feature.