Odds Alpha #12 - Winning Betting Tips for Sports and Crypto Enthusiasts

Odds Alpha #12 - Winning Betting Tips for Sports and Crypto Enthusiasts

With 11 winners and a placed shot at 40/1 in the past 12 weeks, Odds Alpha #12 offers valuable insights into the best bets in sports and crypto. In this week's article, we analyze the recent performance of crypto markets and provide suggestions on their possible trends. Additionally, we preview fixtures from the Indian Premier League (cricket), the Premier League (football), and Premier League Darts matches, offering expert analysis on each game. With our overall win rate standing at 42%, you don’t need to look any further for your bets this week.

First, I’d like to highlight the recent performance of crypto markets and make a couple of suggestions on their possible trends in the near future. Over the past couple of days we've seen bitcoin and ethereum drop from their recent highs. ETH now sits at roughly $1850, which is 13% or so off recent highs. In contrast, the s***coin markets have been drawing a lot of attention with some huge gains made by punters across the board (if you timed it right). However, if macro conditions  continue to worsen especially with downward pressure on ethereum and Bitcoin, it will be hard for the s***coin markets to maintain their upwards trends. Timing is always key, some people are always going to get lucky, but to increase your odds of success, make sure you have a plan before you go making any trades.

Sports Preview Time!

Indian Premier League Predictions - sixes for CSK

On Thursday at 3pm, we are treated to a battle at the top of the table, with the recent table toppers Chennai Super Kings paying a visit to the Rajasthan Royals, who will be glad to be back at home after their two recent defeats on the road. In their last match, Chennai Super Kings hit a whopping 18 sixes, with Ajinkya Rahane leading the aggressive charge. On the other hand, the Royals have had a hard time in their last two run-chases. Even though this ground is not well-known for sixes tallies, I do think CSK will edge RR on that mark, thus, the 2.02 available is worth snapping up.

The Selection: CSK most sixes @ 2.02

Details: 3pm UK time on 27th April 2023

Bet here: https://www.housebets.io/sportsbook/event?sport=21&event=39497443

Premier League Football

Also on Thursday, Tottenham will be looking to make amends after their 6-1 humiliation at the hands of Newcastle at the weekend. That game against Manchester United on Thursday night could be a lottery, however, and I don’t usually like betting in games where there is the potential ‘new manager bounce’ factor in play (which there is for Tottenham). However, the team who gave Tottenham their thrashing, Newcastle, will visit Everton on Thursday evening, where there is an opportunity for a strong bet. Everton’s recent form, both home and away, is woeful. In contrast, Newcastle have won 6 out of their last 7 games, including 3 away from home. Even at 1.79, they  are still a strong bet whilst they push to cement their Champions League spot.

The Selection: Newcastle to WIN against Everton @ 1.79

Details: 7.45pm UK on 27th April 2023

Bet here: link

Premier League Darts - Peter Wright continues poor form

I am looking to the Premier League Darts for my third selection this week, which comes in the Michael Van Gerwen vs. Peter Wright game. Wright has already lost to Van Gerwen twice this year by a score of 6-1, and he also suffered another 6-1 defeat in the recent Austrian Open. I don’t see this trend being bucked here and having seen Wright’s poor scoring average recently, am happy to support Michael Van Gerwen to have the most 180s in the match.

The Selection: Michael Van Gerwen most 180s vs. Peter Wright @ 2.00

Details: 7.40pm UK on 27th April

Bet here: link

Although I won't be recommending any selections in the Premier League fixtures at the weekend, Liverpool vs. Tottenham is always an eye catching fixture, even if both teams have been much below par this year. However, Liverpool have actually managed to string together a few decent games of late and could make light work of this fragile Tottenham club. After their 4-1 drubbing of Arsenal this week, Manchester City have reached top stride at just the right time once more. They will be on the road this Sunday with a trip to Fulham who managed to pick up three points last weekend with victory against Leeds. However, I just don't think anyone can look past Man City now. They should win the league once more.

That is all for this week's Odds Alpha. Good luck wherever you are betting and let's continue to build our very positive winning strike rate.